Arcadia & Arcadia Light

Located in Phoenix, Arcadia borders generally are from the 32th Street to 64th Street and Oak St. to Camelback Rd. This area is known for a history of citrus groves and irrigation to all the landscaping. Home prices start just above $300,000 to above $1,000,000 with an average price in the upper 400’s. Arcadia offers a wonderful lifestyle with a battle of unique fine dining and breweries, South views of Camelback Mountain, bike friendly lanes and the SRP canal offering an exercise path as far as the legs will take you. Arcadia Light borders are McDowell to Oak just South of Arcadia and offers an up and coming neighborly experience. Many homes in this area are being rejuvenated making it the next hot spot in Phoenix.

Old Town Scottsdale

Like no other area in Arizona Old Town Scottsdale is one of a kind. Hosting professional baseball spring training, a nightlife that will keep you talking year to come and restaurants that will awaken your inner chef. Take a walk through the wonders of Scottsdale’s art community, share a patio table along the canal at any of the amazing dining experiences or experience some of the weekend festivals. A home in Old Town Scottsdale is like living a vacation everyday. Home prices range from the low 200’s to the 800’s.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Ranked the number one airport for 2016, Phoenix Sky Harbor offers an easy way to go from fun in the sun to any place in the world. Located between 44th Street and 24th Street and South of Washington Ave, this airport provides the convenience you would expect with a large hub. Easy access, all the top airlines like Delta, United, American Airlines, Alaska, just to name a few. Parking is easy and terminals are now serviced by a tram that will make arriving and departing more enjoyable than before.

Ranked the number one airport for 2016, Phoenix Sky Harbor offers an easy way to fly from a major metropolitan airport to anywhere in the world. Just minutes from most areas in the metro Phoenix.